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             However, not everyone has had the opportunity to.
             The people who have had a mother growing up could have different.
             meanings to what a mother means to them. What makes a good mother? A good mother is a.
             caregiver, a role model, and a friend.
             From birth until early adulthood, a mother gives constant care to her children. From.
             changing her child’s diaper and giving her a warm bath to having her children’s clothes picked.
             out every morning and having dinner on the table by 5:00 p.m. She helps with tough homework.
             questions and is never too tired to tuck her children in and give them a kiss before bed. She tends.
             to scraped knees with love and care and gives her children chicken soup when they have the flu.
             A good mother is compassionate and full of understanding. As a caregiver, mothers rank number.
             A good mother is also someone to look up to. Her children strive to make their mothers’.
             proud. Mothers have an undying love and honesty that makes her children feel good about.
             themselves and want to grow up to be just like her. She is patient and warm and has a smile.
             whenever she sees them. Her children copy her by dressing up in her clothes and jewelry and they.
             dance around the house acting like their mom. A good mother listens to her children and sets an.
             example for them. She teaches them the lessons they have to learn in life and as her children.
             grow older they live and learn from those lessons that their mother has taught them.
             A mother is also a friend. She listens to problems her children have at school as well as.
             those problems from other friends and the peer pressure her children have to deal with. She tries.
             to understand their problems and help out in any way possible. She gives good advice when it’s.
             needed and help’s out with tough decisions made. She gives her children guidance and direction.
             when her children need it and always remains open and honest with them. A mother is a true.