My House

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The somewhat small, yet livable, country home is filled with the inviting fragrance of delightfully scented candles in the afternoon and the delicious aroma of my mother's secret recipes in the early evening. Each person who enters is immediately greeted by the fragrances and finds themselves staying a little longer than they planned. The delicate light from my mom's recently bought lamp beckons sleep and the faded gray cushions on the worn living room couch holds many a drowsy head.

The inside of the house consists of rooms that are small and barely separated so that you always knew what is going on in the next room. From the living room, you often see my mother giggling at one of my father's corny jokes as she prepares supper while he piddles about. In the living room, I sit watching reruns of my favorite shows as my brother constantly teases me by frequently changing the channels. He begs me to play games of checkers and "go-fish  as we wait for dinner to be ready.

We always eat dinner together in the dining room that barely separates the kitchen from the living room. The dinner

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