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             There are many advantages and disadvantages when parents are considering daycare for their child, also the alternatives to daycare. Parents have a lot to consider when they are looking for a daycare specific to there needs and the child's need. They must consider how old the child is, whether they should be in a daycare that tends to specifically the needs of infants and toddlers or the needs of older children. They must know the time of the daycare, when they should drop the child off and then pick them up. They need to have arrangements encase the daycare is closed due to whether or holidays.
             In Edward Zigler's testimony, Early Education. He states that literacy involves the alphabet, phonemes, and other word skills. Literacy begins at age four, they begin to understand everything at the age of 4. "A child's curiosity and belief that he or she can succeed are just as important as reading like knowing the alphabet  Zigler said. Also the children do not learn when they suffer from hunger, abuse or a sense of fear. The child is too worried about being abused or wondering where are they going to find their next meal than learning how to count or how to say the alphabet and learn to read just the basic("Early Education ).
             There are many advantages when considering daycare. There is a daycare for every child, for example children with disabilities, sicknesses, social problems, etc. There are clear cute rules in daycare. For instance, the pickup times and the drop-off times. The parents have to always be there at a specific time. Parents and children both make friends. When the parents drop there children off they meet the other parents.
             Also the children make friends with the other children in the daycare. They are in the daycare usually all day with other children, so of course they are going to become
             friends. Daycare is always there, regardless if a teacher is sick, if they are tardy, or if they go on

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