Near Death Experiences

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Since man has become aware of their mortality, they have been intrigued with death. What happens next?

Near death experiences have intrigued the mind not only from a religious standpoint, but also from the scientific realm. In order for one to concede the possibility of near death experiences, you have to be willing to acknowledge that life after death exists. One must look past the notion that near death experiences are explainable by science or that they are isolated beliefs of various religious groups.

There are very few people; even skeptics that dispute that near death experiences exist. What is in dispute is what causes it, be it psychological or physiological. Accompanied with the determination to figure it all out, there have been several theories conjured up to explain near death experiences. The web site Near-Death gives several theories of near death experiences from noted author Jean Ritchie. In her book, Beyond Death, she describes The Dying Brain Theory, Darwin's Theory, The Hallucination Theory, and The After Life Theory.

The Dying Brain Theory concedes that the whole experience is a profound spiritual journey. Given that all who experience near death travel down a fa

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