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Negative Effects Of Working And Going To School

In the struggle to become more independent, you must start paying your own way.

But there's a price; stress, lack of social life and sleep depravation are all negative effects

of working and going to school. Many people do this, while going to college to better

themselves and they must work to pay for it. Because we all know, higher education is

not free. Well at least not for most, except for the lucky few with the rich parents!

Realistically most people work their way through college, attempting to balance both

work and school. But what does all this do to a person?

Stress is one of the biggest negative effects plaguing working college students. So

much is expected from them. They are expected to work anywhere from ten to forty

hours a week, go to school, do another four to eight hours of homework per class and

then somehow manage to fit sleep in there. "Stress can overtax our adjustive capacity,

affect our moods, impair our ability to feel pleasure, and harm the body.  Also, "Stress is

the number one reason that college students seek help at college counseling.  (Rathus &

Nevid, Psychology, 142) As you can see, stress is a major problem for college students

and has many negative effects. One of the worst effects of stress is its effect on one's

health. Stress can literally make you sick, lowering your immune system and opening you

up to a Pandora's Box of problems. At first, it might just be small things like a headache

or a cold and then progress to more major problems like respiratory or circulatory

problems. The key is to take time out for yourself, and most importantly, get enough

sleep. Unfortunately, that rarely happens with so many things to do and so little time.

Another major negative effect is lack of sleep. With all these responsibilities

placed on these students, it just seems like there aren

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