Night Out

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Abstract: This paper brings to life a time I faced a moral decision. I had to make a decision whether to tell my parents the truth about what I have done. Knowing that the truth will hurt them, I decided not to tell them and kept it in me.

" Come on, you wanna dance? , asked Jay. Hesitant at first, I agreed. We were dancing together having a fun night. I had glanced over to where Kawal was and I saw her grinding with Rahul, a smile on both of their faces. I smiled at her and she waved back happily. After dancing for such a long time I started to sweat, Jay looked at me and asked, "Do you want to get something to drink?  "Sure! , I said. He held my hand as I followed him to the bar, we sat down on the high-top stools. "You know you are really cute , smiled Jay. My cheeks starting feeling hot as I know that I was blushing, I replied, "Thank you, you don't look that bad either . As we were waiting for our drinks I spotted her across the dance floor. I jumped up with excitement and pushed myself through the crowd to get to her. As I started to get my groove back Jay tapped me on my shoulder and gave me my drink. I gulped it down without even looking

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