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This Article by David Doubilet describes the Oceans "Magical Waters  in New Zealand's vast regions. He talks about many things ranging from Resources of the Southern Ocean to Marine Life Zones in New Zealand's area. In the article you can read and see everything that New Zealand's seas and the "Southern Ocean  has caused in New Zealand's land features and the fish at has left. Doubilet also took all the pictures you see in the Article back in 1972. Which I felt was very interesting because I was wondering how much has changed over the 30 years. Is it still the same? This is one question I would love to look more into and compare these times of Ocean trenches and coral reefs and see how much they changed. Doubilet's Article of "Magical Waters  shows an enchanted region of Oceanic Environment that I would love to go see. I'm actually going to research this a little more and find out what has changed. Because I am really interested in the New Zealand "Southern Ocean  region and what it has to offer.

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