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Opinion Paragraph

Although smoking in public places is very common there are some people

who think that public smoking in certain places should be banned by law and I support

this idea. In my opinion it should be banned particularly in places where people eat,

where children are present, and in all confined spaces. First of all, the smoke of a

cigarette leaves bad smell on clothes and hair. But the awful smell is not the only

problem. Many smokers argue that it is their right to smoke. But what about the non-

smokers right not to inhale the smoke of a cigarette? It irritates the lungs and it has been

proved that passive smoking is extremely dangerous for the non-smokers health, too.

There is plenty of research showing overwhelming evidence that passive smoking can

cause cancer and other illnesses. Taking everything into account, I believe that the public

health is a very good reason to justify banning public smoking by law.

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