Evil UN

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The UN has failed in its mission to stand up for individual rights in South Africa or to disarm Saddam Hussein (I know most of you are thinking yah and it failed to stop the US, too which really should only further my point in your mind, even though I disagree the this was necessary)

Just as the League of Nations, the UNs predessor, failed to stop Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy, and Imperial Japan the Un is practising the same ole' B.S. of capitulation and surrender to despots and tyrants.

Other failures include but ar not limited to: The Korean war, China's occupation of Tibet, The Vietnam War,(oops thats kinda ours and France's fault isn't it?) The genocide in Cambodia, war between Iran and Iraq, war between Indonesia and East Timor, the first gulf war(ie. the occupation of Kuwait) the whole Balkan fiasco, the Faulkland island debacle, and many others. Including Rwanda where the Un's failure was particularly heinous as over 1 million Tutsi's were slaughterd while the Hutu tribesman rampaged throughout the countryside.

Rwanda, in particular suffered from the UNs Chamberlainlike approach to the coming slaughter. The Un assured the Tutsi's if they would only disarm according to the new Hutu controlled government they would

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