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Nursing In The Furure

             How did you become interested in the Graduate Nurse Residency Program at the University of Colorado Hospital?.
             Before I entered school for nursing I wanted to confirm that nursing was a career I wanted to pursue. I volunteered at University Hospital on the IMCU to gain a feel for what the environment was like. Since then, I have had clinical placements at multiple other facilities, but I have never observed the same level of cooperation between the nurses as I did at University. In addition, I am excited about the amount of support that the Residency Program provides for its new graduates. I desire to be a truly great nurse, and I feel that the best way to become a gifted nurse is to learn from other experienced nurses. Though I have learned an astonishing amount in my accelerated program, there are many things that I still have left to learn. I believe that the Residency Program will provide me with the information, and environment that I need to increase all aspects of my nursing skills. .
             2. Please describe your value and beliefs about nursing.
             I believe that a nurse’s most important role is that of a patient advocate. It is our responsibility to make ensure they that they receive quality care by following the five rights of medications administration, by charting accurately so that trends can be seen, and by constantly assessing their physical condition. In addition, it is our responsibility to listen to the patient, to help educate them, and to help them create workable plans for getting healthier. As an advocate I believe we have a duty to stand up for what we believe is best for our patients. I also believe that we have the power to help people heal. .
             3. What strengths have you developed from past clinical or health care related experiences?.
             I am very comfortable with my patients, and am quickly able to build rapport with them. Most of the time I am able to read the patient’s mood and needs, and adjust my care and teaching accordingly.