Nursing In The Furure

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1. How did you become interested in the Graduate Nurse Residency Program at the University of Colorado Hospital?

Before I entered school for nursing I wanted to confirm that nursing was a career I wanted to pursue. I volunteered at University Hospital on the IMCU to gain a feel for what the environment was like. Since then, I have had clinical placements at multiple other facilities, but I have never observed the same level of cooperation between the nurses as I did at University. In addition, I am excited about the amount of support that the Residency Program provides for its new graduates. I desire to be a truly great nurse, and I feel that the best way to become a gifted nurse is to learn from other experienced nurses. Though I have learned an astonishing amount in my accelerated program, there are many things that I still have left to learn. I believe that the Residency Program will provide me with the information, and environment that I need to increase all aspects of my nursing skills.

2. Please describe your value and beliefs about nursing.

I believe that a nurse's most important role is that of a patient advocate. It is our responsibility to make ensure they that they receive quality care by following the five

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