Parson Adams

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Although the title of the novel by Henry Fielding is, "Joseph Andrews , it is Abraham Adams who captures the main interest of the reader. Parson Adams, who is a friend of Joseph Andrews, is an idealistic clergyman as well as the comic hero of the novel. The following is a brief character evaluation of Parson Adams.

Parson Adams appearance does not depict the typical well-dressed and neat parson that we expect to come across. In fact he is quite contrary to the anticipated ideals. He is a middle-aged man of about fifty years old. Adams is a strong, healthy, and energetic man. His physical appearance is quite interesting as he has a, "comical  face. He has deeply wrinkled cheeks and a bearded chin. Parson Adams legs are considerably so long that they almost touch the ground when he rides on horseback. His fists are, "rather less then the knuckle of an ox , with wrists, " which Hercules

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