Pass-fail Grading

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Resolve: All classes should be made pass/fail (grades would be abolished)

I. Introductory statement: Wouldn't you agree that school would be less stressful if you didn't have to worry about what letter grade was going to appear on your report card? To solve this problem I think that all schools should adopt the pass or fail grading system to be the new form of grading and to get rid of the A's B's and C's so you don't have to worry what you get on a test but to actually understand the material that you are supposed to learn and not just memorize for a test.

A. For a pass/fail grading system a standard would have to be set up what would be considered pass or fail. This standard would show anything over a 70% a passing grade and any thing under 70% would be considered a failing grade. With this system now students of all levels would be

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