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Counter Culture

            A Look at LSD and The Counter Culture Movement.
             The normal consciousness that we deal with everyday is only one drop in an ocean of intelligence. For thousands of years, man experimented with the fruits of nature with the hope of finding the key to our unconscious. Man revered these fruits as gifts from the Gods that allowed us to find a new spiritual and philosophic connection with God. But in the last 40 years there has been huge opposition to these mind-expanding tools. The once highly regarded gift from God was viewed as a menace that would be the cause of the ending of social conformity in North America during the 1960’s. Honorable judges, parents and fellow competitors made, the individual right of access to his or her own brain, a significant political, economic, and cultural issue in our society. During the 1960’s a man by the name of Timothy Leary would cause a cultural revolution that questioned the perception our society had on hallucinogen drugs. He believed that if people were educated in the use of these drugs that these drugs would be the next step for the evolution of the human mind.
             Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and psilocybin have been embedded in the roots of human evolution. Many of the early Eastern and South American cultures devoted these drugs as tools able to help clear the disorder of the mind and help in achieving a higher level of conscience thinking. Little was known of the effects of these primitive spiritual tools in much of the modern Western world, until Leary and his colleagues entered the scene in the 1960’s. .
             Timothy Leary was a young, prestigious Harvard professor of psychology during the 1960’s. He was very interested in how the mind worked and in the ways that it might be possible to change human behavior. Little knowledge was known in this field, so Leary and his colleagues decided to do the research that would seem to benefit the whole of humanity.