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Perfect Society

             The world we live in today is far from perfect. As a minority, I see these imperfections first hand. There are inequalities between races and gender. I hope most people don’t mean to be prejudice or racist but it seems that is how they were brought up. If the environment around you teaches to hate others, it would effect that person regardless if they are a good person or not. For example, if a white man grew up in an environment in which blacks were hated; but this white man did not hate blacks himself. He felt blacks were good people and had no reason to hate them. Until he has a bad experience with black person and hates all black people. He would label all black people because of one bad experience with a person who happens to be black. This white man would think of all the stereotypes, all the negative thoughts associated with the black race that he has heard of growing up in that environment. Growing up in a society like that the deck is already stacked against you before you even experience anything. How would it be to start all over? How would it be to live in a society which had no prior history? Creating a utopian society where there are no inequalities. Can that be achieved today? The utopian society I am proposing is just that, a fictional society in which I set the rules. John Rawls “realistic utopia” which he defines “political philosophy in realistically utopian when it extends what are ordinarily thought to be the limits of practicable political possibility and so doing, reconciles us to our political and social condition.”(Rawls 11) The “perfect” society in which I would live in and would want my family to live in would have to address many social problems. How would one start such an ambitious project?.
             First you would ask yourself what kind of city you would want your society to exist in? A place where everyone is accepted regardless of their race, religion, and/or gender.