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Helping The Poor

             Making the poor/oppressed wealthy is not the sole solution to their problem of poverty. Just having money is not merely enough. One of way helping them is by teaching them to maintain their wealth Proper learning will prevent them from becoming poor again. Another way is to teach tem to invest their money. Investments will make the money increase. The last way of helping the poor would be to give them a high paying job. This will keep the flow of their money. All of these should keep the poor wealthy and end their poverty.
             One way of teaching the poor to maintain their wealth is by teaching them to budget their money. By budgeting their money, they should only spend what they need to for necessities. Necessities meaning, rent, food, utilities, clothing, etc. These things need to be paid monthly, so they should always keep enough money to pay these. After fulfilling all of their necessities, this will probably leave them with a few extra dollars.
             With this extra money left, the poor/oppressed can then be taught to save their money. Having a savings account will not only put their money away, it will also make their money increase. Interest will be added on to their money so I just won't sit there and get dusty. It will put the money to work. Another way of putting their money to work would be investments. Investing their money will also make their money increase. Moreover, money just can not be spent continuously.
             The last way of teaching the poor/oppressed to maintain their wealth is by giving them a high paying job or career. After splurging and buying new and expensive cars, houses, and clothes, which will most likely happen after they get a lot of money, they will need to make some money. They need a high paying job with continuous income so that all of their funds won't be depleted. A high paying job might also give them power. The more money they make the more powerful they might become.

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