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Managers. Defined in the New Merriam-Webster's Dictionary as: a person whose

work or profession is management c (1) : a person who directs a team or athlete. A few weeks

ago, I wrote a letter to Merriam-Webster suggesting that an alternate definition be included,

Manager (n) 1. A tyrranical dictator or monarchy that rules over a business with an iron fist,

delegating laborious work to those in their employ. Having worked for several different

management teams, I've come to a few conclusions as to their humanity (or lack thereof), their

mysterious fulgurations of temper and reason, and how they manage to pull off remaining at their

posts (somewhat) at the head of their businesses despite anarchy and deceit.

Allow me to begin with one of my favorites, a stumpy, balding, snow-man shaped

fellow by the name of Greg. I worked at the time as an Inventory Auditor, which for all the

interest inspired by the title, I assure you that interest was something this job lacked in quantity.

Essentially, you travel from grocer to grocer in the wee hours of the morning with a calculator

and a pen counting absolutely every single commodity in a stores the size of one to several

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