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             Defined in the New Merriam-Webster's Dictionary as: a person whose .
             work or profession is management c (1) : a person who directs a team or athlete. A few weeks .
             ago, I wrote a letter to Merriam-Webster suggesting that an alternate definition be included, .
             Manager (n) 1. A tyrranical dictator or monarchy that rules over a business with an iron fist, .
             delegating laborious work to those in their employ. Having worked for several different .
             management teams, I've come to a few conclusions as to their humanity (or lack thereof), their .
             mysterious fulgurations of temper and reason, and how they manage to pull off remaining at their .
             posts (somewhat) at the head of their businesses despite anarchy and deceit.
             Allow me to begin with one of my favorites, a stumpy, balding, snow-man shaped .
             fellow by the name of Greg. I worked at the time as an Inventory Auditor, which for all the .
             interest inspired by the title, I assure you that interest was something this job lacked in quantity. .
             Essentially, you travel from grocer to grocer in the wee hours of the morning with a calculator .
             and a pen counting absolutely every single commodity in a stores the size of one to several .
             football fields. Greg was a man who with every authority of an overlord would patrol the aisles .
             with a clipboard, stopping you to examine your records. Heaven forbid you have an incorrect .
             entry, as you would be sentenced to recount the last few thousand products (a full aisle) during .
             days that seemed to stretch for an eternity. Greg seemed to enjoy this, you could see the glee .
             dancing in his eyes as he mouthed the words that both punish, and ensure accuracy for the .
             company. During my servitude there, I found that this particular manager has had quite a .
             history. He had worked for the Company for almost 30 years, and over time has seemed to .
             be, well, eroded. If you could compare Greg with other managers I've had, you would see a .