History Of Hip-hop

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Hip-hop is a name given to define the only true culture to originate in the United States. It names an entire culture that has developed into a way of life for many people worldwide since its beginning in the late seventies, with its first mainstream hit, in 1979, by the Sugar Hill Gang called ËśRapper's Delight'. Hip-hop culture itself consists of four main forms of expression. MC-ing is the art of writing and performing rhymes, or rapping, usually over rhythm-heavy music. Music created by MCs is called either rap or hip-hop. The use of turntables to manipulate records and create new music is known as DJ-ing. Graffiti is an urban form of art where words and pictures are drawn with spraypaint on walls, trains, and other urban canvases. Breakdancing is a specific style of dance that is often very athletic, and most commonly done to music created by hip-hop DJs or MCs. Aside from these four pieces of hip-hop culture, there also exists a specific style of fashion and a set of moral philosophies. These characteristics are encompassed in and have been molded by the first four aspects of hip-hop.

Hip-hop represents a realignment of America's cultural aesthetics. "Rap is the music of necessity, of findi

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