Global Wind Patterens

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"They're farming a different crop in Wyoming County these days ”the wind. Atop a hill in this little town “ population 729 “ are 10 windmills that are expected to produce enough electricity each year to provide power for 1,700 homes. It's not hard to see what this piece of the future looks like.  (Ploetz, A1)

Wind power was developed as a major alternative energy source during the 1970's. The interest in finding alternative energy sources has grown tremendously as people are beginning to realize that they are depleting the Earth of irreplaceable natural resources. The technology is now the fastest-growing energy source in the world.

The wind turbine, also called a windmill, is a means of harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind and converting it into electrical energy. This is accomplished by turning blades called aerofoils, which drive a shaft, which drive a motor (turbine) and are connected to a generator. This energy is then supplied to a multitude of homes, businesses, factories, etc.

The worldwide total wind capacity is 13,400 MW and the year 2000 is expected to significantly increase this amount, according to the trend in recent records of the A

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