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A crime is a wrong involving the violation of the peace and dignity of the state. In theory, it is committed against the interest of all of the people of the sate. Accordingly, the prosecutor in the name of the state, people, or commonwealth prosecutes crimes. A person who commits crime must not be punished. We must adopt a therapeutic attitude towards crime. People who commit crime must be cared for so that their willingness and behavior be treated.

All too often many people view the study of deviance and criminology synonymously. Though the two are related they are not the same. Yes, those who commit crime are considered deviant by those who do not commit crimes, Yet the members of any given " criminal  subculture (ie: Gangs, organized crime) do not necessarily consider themselves deviant, rather it is their way of life, just as the law-abiding citizens consider their own behavior to be just and normal. Whether or not a criminal is considered a deviant is a matter of perspective. To the criminal, committing the crimes is usually seen as a normal whereas this type of activity is considered deviant to the non-criminal. Taking this one step further, Emile Durkheim, though not condoning criminal behavior, explained how crime is normal in society and actually serves many functions. This too is deviant behavior in general. However, the study of deviant behavior is far more than an analysis of crime and criminals.

All humans are, or have been deviant is someway, whether or not has committed a societal- defined crime, we all will continue to be considered deviant by others so long as we live on Earth. As with criminal behavior, the nature of deviant behavior is a matter of perspective

In order for us to function as a society crime must occur but at the same time we all must work to keep it down for our own safety. Crime prevention is defined not by intentions or methods, but by results. There is scientific evidence, for exa

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