Interview Of A Senior Citizen

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I interviewed a senior citizen named Al. Al is 66 years old and was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He was raised with three other siblings, a brother and two sisters. Al attended school for 15 years, completing grade school and high school, followed by two years at Night College. His occupations over the years have ranged from an apprentice machinist to a model maker, and currently is a planner/scheduler at Astra Zeneca. He is currently married and has three children. Al is currently not a member in and organizations.

Al's childhood was quite basic and is similar to most childhoods today. He grew up in a moderate income neighborhood in a small but suitable home for his family. His family would celebrate all the traditional holidays such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving, and Halloween. As a child Al would play baseball, football, and other sports with the neighborhood kids as well as run track at school. He had no real extraordinary responsibilities, just simple chores around the house divided between his siblings.

All of his schooling took place in Delaware and he feels that school then was very similar to school now. As for discipline, Al said that if you misbehaved growing up that physica

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