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Being John Malkovich

             Being John Malkovich is a very twisted classical movie. It starts off with a poor couple living in their apartment under a somewhat happy relationship. As the movie progresses, the setup is revealed. Craig lives with his wife Lotte, and many of her pets. Craig, a jobless puppeteer, was convinced by his wife to find a job. When he found a classified with a job needing a worker with “fast hands,” he immediately applied. After getting the job is where the rising action takes place. Craig meets an intriguing woman by the name of Maxine. Craig develops a sexual interest for her and does everything for a date. As the action rises, Maxine meets Craig’s wife. Lotte has a strong sexual attraction to her as well. During all of this, Craig finds a secret portal to the brain of John Malkovich. For fifteen minutes, the person who goes in the portal will see through the eyes of Malkovich. Lotte uses John’s body to advance her relationship with Maxine. Craig becomes very angry at this, and kidnaps his wife. Eventually he uses Malkovich the same way Lotte did. The show down takes place when Lotte discovers that Craig’s boss isn’t really the man he says he is. He is a man that lives in another man’s head. He built Malkovich’s portal to live on forever. The climax come when Craig makes a choice to leave Malkovich’s body and have his boss and his friend take it over. During the resolution, Craig drops out of Malkovich’s body and sees his wife go off with Maxine. .
             The whole movie was very interesting. The best image in the movie was when John Malkovich went inside his won mind. While inside, he saw a completely bizarre world that had only John Malkovichs in the world. It was very excited to see what the world was going to look like before he crawled into the portal. When Malkovich escaped his own mind, he was completely freaked out.