Being John Malkovich

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Being John Malkovich is a very twisted classical movie. It starts off with a poor couple living in their apartment under a somewhat happy relationship. As the movie progresses, the setup is revealed. Craig lives with his wife Lotte, and many of her pets. Craig, a jobless puppeteer, was convinced by his wife to find a job. When he found a classified with a job needing a worker with "fast hands,  he immediately applied. After getting the job is where the rising action takes place. Craig meets an intriguing woman by the name of Maxine. Craig develops a sexual interest for her and does everything for a date. As the action rises, Maxine meets Craig's wife. Lotte has a strong sexual attraction to her as well. During all of this, Craig finds a secret portal to the brain of John Malkovich. For fifteen minutes, the person who goes i

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