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Garibaldi was a national patriot, brave and courageous. He was a hero in Italy and well known throughout the whole of Europe during the 19th Century. He was famous for his ambitious devotion for a united Italy. The unification of Italy was his main aim in life and everything he did was motivated to fulfill this dream. Garibaldi was inspired by the republican Mazzini at a young age. He learnt many important lessons in revolutionary tactics and gained valuable experience while in exile in South America. He fought and led the action in unifying Italy during the 1850's and 1860's including the famous victory of conquering Sicily and Naples with ˜The Thousand . He also lived to see the completion of the unification of Italy and Rome being restored as the historical capital. Garibaldi contributed positively to Europe during this period of time because the unification of Italy was seen as a major development in that it improved trading relations, had a greater political influence in Europe and was an example for the unification of other states.

It was obvious Garibaldi would succeed at whatever he chose to do. He was born in Nice in July 1807. He had a love for the sea and instead of joining the church h

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