Requiem For A Dream

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The film Requiem for a Dream is a very unique movie. The movie is about four people's lives and how there drug addictions affected each of them. Each main character is striving towards a dream, they all want something, but there drug addiction leads all of their dreams to a nightmare. Director Darren Aronofsky was said to be one of this generations most skilled directors for directing Requiem for a Dream. Aronofsky won many awards which included Best Director which he received at the Sundance Film Festival. People are now holding very high expectations for Director Darren Aronofsky for his upcoming films. Aronofsky was better known for his direction of Last Exit to Brooklyn and Phi. The expectations that people were holding was most definitely exceeded by Requiem for a Dream. Casting for the production of the film couldn't have been better. The movie shows symbolism throughout many scenes. The cinematography was so compelling that it makes you speechless. The music of the movie moves not only your mind but your soul as well. Requiem for a Dream is a movie that shows true excellence in showing the value and meaning of what a movie should represent.

Casting for Requiem for a Dream was

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