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Returning To School

            Personal Goals that I want to achieve returning to school.
             I am attending college for a few reasons but I’m ultimately going to college for my future. I want to be successful and rich so I can have all the good things in life. I figure that since my career thus far has reached its peak, I’ll have to hit the books. I have climbed the corporate latter as far as I can possibly go without a specialized degree. Although I have been with the same company for fifteen years, all that I really have is experience. In order to continue in my career path, I need to have a specialized degree in business. I enjoy business and want to continue with it for my career. My entire working career I have stood back and watched as my peers received promotions over me due to their specialized college degree. Although, I may have more experience in the filed of expertise, have the determination of success, the one thing that keeps me from climbing the latter is my College degree. .
             So many doors are opened to you if you have a college degree instead of just a high school diploma. When I entered the work force some fifteen years ago, I thought I could make it with just a high school diploma and a lot of determination. I was quickly fooled. My colleagues told me, a college degree makes you a better-rounded individual that can bring new life into an organization. Because you have a broader knowledge base and the skills that are required learn the job, the learning curve is greatly reduced. With the popularity of college lately, there is so much more competition in the workforce and that I should consider going back to school for my business degree. With a degree, you would not only have that on your resume, but you would have the knowledge that you would need to attain the right job. .
             I hope that I can use my job experience to relate to the skills that are needed for a business degree. My desire is to learn all that I can and apply it to my professional career.