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True Grit

             True Grit is about a little girls named Mattie Rose and her adventure to find her
             father's murderer Tom Chaney. She encounters several obstacles in her path for
             vengeance. Whether it was sickness, money troubles, snake bites, Mattie with her
             admirable determination was able over come them.
             The book starts off with Mattie's father taking in Tom Chaney under the
             impression that Tom was a decent man. Little did Mattie's father know his faith in his
             ability to judge one's character would lead to his unexpected demise. A couple of days
             later, her father, after allowing Tom in, had to run to town to do some errands. He
             thought that his new guest should come along since he could use the manpower to bring back some thing from town.
             Mattie was uncomfortable with this but she trusted her father and so she let him go alone
             Days later she receives word that her father had been murdered by a man that could only
             be described as a man with a burn on his mouth and a rifle that belonged to him that was
             wrapped around his shoulder by a cotton string.
             Once Mattie heard this she automatically knew it was Tom Chaney.
             She headed out the next day to find her fathers killer. She came to the town where her
             fathers murder took place only to find that the perpetrator had been long gone.
             Mattie then proceeded to search for a Marshal that would go after him. She chose the
             most ruthless Marshal for that job and that was a man that went by the name of Rooster.
             As they were getting ready to leave town to go find Tom , she encountered another
             marshal named Labeef. He wanted to join them but she said no. Labeef did not take no for
             an answer so he went straight to Rooster and coerced him into joining forces and leaving
             Mattie behind. Mattie did not take this so well, but she knew she had to go with them so

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