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School Counselor

             Childhood is not simply a time of innocence and growing up. However, these are periods when young people must confront a myriad of difficult tasks. A School Counselor, assists students develop strategies to conquer society before society conquers them. By teaching children social skills, and a healthy way of coping, a School Counselor serves as a role model among the youth. Their primary purpose is assisting children with educational, emotional, and social development skills that will guide them in the direction of a healthier future.
             In most schools there is at least one counselor. Most School Counselors work in secondary schools (Grubb). Most opportunities will occur to meet replacement needs. Outlook is dependent on pupil population so job opportunities are best in growing areas. Those in the area of specialty who are bilingual and bicultural may have better chances for employment. Beginners may have to work at lower paying or part-time jobs in order to gain experience in the field.
             During my childhood the opportunity for me to meet with a School Counselor was not available. However, due to the small population in the community, the school felt little need for a counselor. Counseling is for everyday people with everyday problems. Not just the mentally unhealthy need counseling (Farris). The goal in school counseling is to identify roadblocks that prevent children from learning. Every counselor should demonstrate a fair, ethical model of how to behave in life. School Counselors guide children in the right direction by leading them to success.
             Today's counselors support students in their efforts to learn, assist them in their social and emotional growth, and guide them in their transition from high school to careers (Hegerner 103). They often work in classrooms, teaching skills in decision-making, problem solving, anger management and conflict resolution. They conduct small group sessions focusing on issues such as divorce,

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