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            Slave life in America was very difficult according to the slaves whom were forced to live in such a harsh atmosphere. Slave accounts suggested that there was no weather in which they would not work; weather it was incredibly hot, stormy, or even snowing there was always work that was forced upon them. The regiments of work and responsibility were also very rigidly enforced for if a slave was late to work then they were surely going to receive a beating. Slaves reported that in any such instances that they would be whipped without leniency. .
             The plantation life is only the second step though because first the slaves must be either sold or bought. During a instance in which this would happen slaves being sold would be looked over thoroughly inspecting all aspects of the slaves bodies. If a slave had a lot of scars from being whipped then it would be seen as a sign that the slave was disobedient and his/her value would drop. There was also no regard to weather or not family members were kept together. There were several instances where a mother begged for her son to be kept with her, but it was of no use to the slave traders. .
             Slave women were also at the mercy of their masters. There were several accounts of white children being born of black women.