Slavery: Right Or Wrong

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Alexis de Tocqueville once said, "Oppression has, at one stroke, deprived the descendants of the Africans of almost all the privileges of humanity. The Negro of the United States has lost all remembrance of his country; the language which his forefathers spoke is never heard around him; he abjured their religion and forgot their customs when he ceased to belong to Africa, without acquiring any European privileges. But he remains halfway between the two communities; sold by the one, repulsed by the other; finding not a spot in the universe to call by the name of the country, except the faint image of a home which the shelter of his master's roof affords" (Conlin 363). This paper will focus on how the difficult happenings of a slaves life has made them hate and fear slavery, but desire freedom. It will also include the steps that slaves and abolitionists made towards achieving their steps for freedom and what society did to try to keep them as slaves.

It is an intriguing fact that we can trace back slavery as long as the human race had existed. The earliest form of slavery was known as the Mosaic Institutions (Blake 2). This ancient mosaic institution helped keep captive the Hebrews in Egypt. The Bible says,

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