Sleep Disorders

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Sleep Disorders and Effective Treatments

Over the last 25 years dramatic advances in the ability to diagnose, evaluate, and treat disorders of sleep and arousal have led to the description of more than 60 disorders. All age groups from infancy through old age are susceptible. Some disorders are mild in their effects; others are life-threatening. Recognition of these disorders was brought about by improved knowledge of the physiology of sleep, as well as technological advances which have enabled many variables to be measured along with sleep. Within our bodies are over one hundred different cycles whose regular patterns affect the metabolism of our cells, the pumping of our blood, our intake of oxygen, and even our moods and states of consciousness (Goldberg,1978). When these cycles mesh with one another and with the rhythms of their environments, we are then functioning as nature intended. When the rhythms are out of synchrony, our bodies suffer. With the over 60 disorders discovered, sleep apnea and insomnia plague about half the world population today (Goldberg,1978). Narcolepsy, although not as common, is experienced by many people as well. These three disorders can be diagnosed correctly and proper treatment can be a

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