STD Prevention

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Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention on College Campuses

College campuses are a breeding ground for sexually transmitted diseases. Students are free to do what they want and make their own decisions; for the first time in many students' lives, parents are not behind the students' decisions. Most high school seniors expect that college will be a big party, filled with late nights, alcohol, and no supervision. But what they don't realize is that drinking and partying can lead to risky sexual behavior, which can put you at great risk for contracting a sexual transmitted disease.

According to Joseph Califano, former United States secretary of health, "drinking and doing drugs often leads young people to engage in more sexual activity than they intended to partake in, and more importantly, to unprotected sex.  (ABC NEWS)

College freshman, although aware that sexual transmitted diseases exist, do not realize that they could contract one of these diseases. Nor do they know what diseases are out there, what the symptoms are, and where they can go to receive help.

No matter how well police departments and stores enforce the legal drinking age, underage alcohol use (as well as le

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