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            During this stock project I have learned a lot of strategies on how to buy stocks and what stocks is. When I first started the stock game, I really didn't know what I was doing and which companies to buy. Therefore, I just pick the companies that have the best dividend and did well in the past. Also I picked the companies that I've heard of and familiar with. But now after taking the business class and playing the stocks game I know what stocks is good to buy and what is not good to buy.
             Through out the game I think I have sold about 10 stocks at a lower price. The first day of class when you told us that we have to play the stocks game, I didn't want to play it at all. Because it seem like it is really boring. As I kept on playing the game, I got very hooked on the game. It was fun and exciting both at the same time. The second week into the game, I remember every time whenever I get home at 10:45 I would run to my room really quick and turn on the computer and was looking at my stocks to see if it's going up or down. Also every couple of seconds I would keep on clicking the refresh button to see if my stocks is going up and down, and every time my stocks is going up I .
             would be very happy and if it's not going up I would be sad. As I keep playing the game my knowledge of stocks has progress. Before I buy any stocks I would look up the status of how the stocks is doing right now and how it has been doing in the past couple of months. The places that I looked up for my stocks were mainly Yahoo and Bloomberg, sometime I would also watch channel 128, which is the Bloomberg channel. This is the channel that has stocks information and update twenty-four seven. When I look up for what stocks to buy, first I looked up how low the stocks has been going down and if it went down a lot then I would buy it because I figure out that if the stock has been going down for the past couple of days or months then and it has to go back up anytime during the week that I made purchase.