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Stuck In Neutral

The book I read was Stuck in Neutral. The book is about a boy name Shawn who

lives in a nice town outside Seattle, Washington. He has a brother and sister named Paul

and Cindy. He gets along pretty well with both of them. His parents got divorced when

he was young and he now lives with his mother. His father is a very popular writer.

Shawn has this great gift that he can remember perfectly everything anyone has said to

him. There is one problem though, even though he can remember anything anyone has

said to him he can not say anything back. This is because he has a condition called

cerebral palsy. When he was born he received brain damage because a blood cell burst

inside his head. Now he can't control any part of his body, which means he can't talk as

well. Shawn believes that his father is planning on killing him because of things he has

been saying. He believes he is going to kill not because they do not get along, but because

his father thinks Shawn is suffering with his disease, and loves him to much to see him

suffer. In the end Shawn and his father are all alone and it seems that his father is about to

kill him, but Shawn has a seizure and it never tells what happens next.

I read the book by using many strategies. One strategy I used was I tried to

visualize what was happening. This helped me by keeping myself interested with what I

was reading. I also re-read something when I was confused or didn't understand what I

was reading. This helped me also understand it better because if I didn't re-read when I

didn't understand something I would get more confused as I kept reading. Another

strategy I used was I took notes after each chapter. The book was already pretty easy, but

this made the book even more easier because if I forgot something I could just go back

and look at my notes and not have to go through each page to find what I was looking

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