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Teens In America

            75% of American high school students have sex before the age of 17.
             72% had sex during or before the age of 15. Of those cases, only 42% have had sex with .
             only one person, so far (Time 63). In this decade of AIDS and the "me" era, when more .
             people put off pregnancy longer and longer, why do some many people take the risk of .
             exposing themselves to either? Statistics show that 13% of these young people never use .
             birth control, and 26% use it only sometimes (Time 64). Why then, do people take such .
             risks with their futures and their lives? why has sexual activity run rampant? Perhaps .
             some of the reasons for sex among teens are not so easily seen being teenagers, many .
             feel betrayed by their parents and look for affection and understanding elsewhere, and .
             they would do anything for that feeling of love and acceptance. "Teens aren't looking for .
             sex, they are looking for love, acceptance, and security" (Christianity Today 28). Other .
             suffer from low self-esteem and feel dependent on having sexual relationships in order to .
             define themselves. Still others find themselves weak under pressure and don't have the .
             courage or the strength to simply say no. .
             When asked, the students themselves replied to the following reasons: .
             Girls Reasons Boys .
             80% They were curious and wanted to experiment 76% .
             58% They wanted to be more popular/impress their friends 58% .
             63% They were in love. 50% .
             65% They were underose they were dating. 35% .
             (Time 63).
             Perhaps one of the most notable causes to the reasons behind teen behavior is the .
             "it can't happen to me" syndrome. In the video The Power of Choice: Sex, high school .