Television Addiction

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"Television Addiction" by Marie Winn

The book ˜Television Addiction' by Ms. Winn is about the effects of television on children and families. The usage of television commences innocently enough. Most often television is used as a child minder so that parents can obtain some peace and quiet. But dangers lurk in this innocent scenario and parents unaware or sometimes helpless surrender their children to this danger. Before long, the kids are addicted on watching, and parents are addicted on a mechanism for having the kids out of the way. Marie Winn appropriately labels television as a drug. A lot of parents are conscious of the dilemma, but frequently they are and the kids too obsessed to let go of this habit. Winn explores the course of this obsession and the damage done to vibrant human being. Excessive television viewing hinders the personal and social progress of the child; as a result some mothers find a job to escape from their maladjusted kids. Winn suggests valuable guidance to families attempting to manage television. Furthermore, the author presents examples of the benefits families have experienced when they went without television, such as improved family interaction, more innovative and enjoyable

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