The Vietnam Anti-War Movement

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The United States of America once waged war against the will of its people. The youth of the nation found that doing nothing was getting their friends killed. The citizens did not want war the government did; the people stood up, the government put its foot down. The protestation of the Vietnam conflict started much earlier than most people know, as well as French involvement. The anti-war movement was such a threat to US interests that the government actually would frame protesting groups and individuals. The protestors wanted peace and behaved tranquilly although the government would only answer with teargas and dogs.

The Vietnam Conflict actually started at the end of World War II. The US Merchant Marines were used to transport and arm French troops as France was preparing an invasion. The Merchant Marines saw the US involvement of helping France conquer a third world country was to expand their territory and influence. So the marine wrote a resolution denouncing the US government for being implicated with conquest. Their plea was to be heard only by deaf ears.

Todd Gitlin described how the protests that were breaking out all over the country had started in the Ivy League Schools and trick

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