Maya Angelou

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As a young woman Maya Angelou's caged life affects many people through her reflected poetry. Her writing is a way of venting and is therapy for her now relieved soul. Her inspirations and achievements are the least two among other principles of African American memoirs. She is widely known for her teachings and poetry. Her poetry is based upon two main things mostly with social issues of African Americans, and her reflects on her own personal feelings of

life. No matter what race her work is spread throughout this continent and touches the lives of many people. Maya Angelou was born in 1928 as Marguerite Johnson. She grow up with her brother in St. Louis, Missouri with her brother. Marguerite later changes her name to Maya Angelou. She was then sent to Arkansas when her parents divorced to live with her aunt and uncle. She was raped and later had a child at a very young age. Her broad feet, nappy black hair and space between her teeth. She soon grew to hate who she was. However she developed a inner strength and dignity(Neubaur2/145).

There are many incidents in Maya Angelou's life that influenced the theme of her work; Angelou's lack of self-esteem as youth was not simply the result of the usua

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