The Father, the Searcher, the King

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Sometimes, it is easier for people not to speak up and to wash their hands of great responsibility. By doing so they can destroy someone's future and unintentionally might crush their own lives. In "The Tempest , written by William Shakespeare, King Alonso gave his consent to overthrow and exile Prospero; the duke of Milan, and the consequence of this inconsiderate action was that Prospero took revenge by separating him from his son, Ferdinand. King Alonso's whole world collapsed with the loss of Ferdinand, and throughout the play he was a desperate father searching for his son. His sorrow overcame him and he could not bear his responsibilities as a king anymore. In the final scene, Act 5 Scene1, of "The Tempest , King Alonso is reunited with his son, and after this turning point he manages to harmonize his duties as a parent and also as a king.

The given circumstance in Act 5, Scene 1 is that Prospero decides to give up his magical powers and to release King Alonso from his captivity and to reunite him with Ferd

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