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The Importance Of Communication In Society

            Every individual expresses its thoughts and carries out its affairs through the medium of communication. A simple experience as meeting a stranger or talking to friends can generate a vast diversity of reactions. These experiences can either be positive or negative, and it affects people’s willingness to communicate. After each positive or negative outcome a person creates for himself a different world. This world contains a personal bias that can influence a future behavior. .
             On the self-assessment test, I scored a fifty percent rating. From what I can gather I see that my communication skills toward others is fairly average. The test reflects that I communicate easily with other individuals when the conversational topics are interesting and pertain to me. However, it also suggests that anxiousness is displayed when the person is a stranger, or the topic is unfamiliar. .
             Background experiences can have an effect on the way a person communicates. From my own personal understanding, moving from one country to another resulted in culture shock. Learning a foreign language and a new culture was very much difficult. For other people this can also be disturbing or on the other hand invigorating, depending on the attitude to the foreign culture. I came to this country at the age of nine. At first everything appeared exciting. After the first day of school my point of view about living in a different country changed. Everything was different from the start. Previously I was attending an all girls-school, but when I moved here my classmates consisted of boys as well. Of all things, the most important factor of my chaotic transition was been put in an environment where no one could understand me due to the language barrier. A simple thing like knowing where to find a bathroom was challenging. At first English appeared extremely difficult and inconsistent, it was a language of too many broken rules.