The Importance Of Communication In Society

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Every individual expresses its thoughts and carries out its affairs through the medium of communication. A simple experience as meeting a stranger or talking to friends can generate a vast diversity of reactions. These experiences can either be positive or negative, and it affects people's willingness to communicate. After each positive or negative outcome a person creates for himself a different world. This world contains a personal bias that can influence a future behavior.

On the self-assessment test, I scored a fifty percent rating. From what I can gather I see that my communication skills toward others is fairly average. The test reflects that I communicate easily with other individuals when the conversational topics are interesting and pertain to me. However, it also suggests that anxiousness is displayed when the person is a stranger, or the topic is unfamiliar.

Background experiences can have an effect on the way a person communicates. From my own personal understanding, moving from one country to another resulted in culture shock. Learn

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