Accounting Practices For A Campground

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Small business enterprise suffers from many regulations, burdening tax laws, and big business marketing. Yet, for many people it is the American dream to own your own business. In today's times, it is crucial that the small business be equipped to handle the task of operating like a big business. The small business owner must have a good understanding of accounting and how it can be used to benefit the enterprise. This paper will look at one unique area of small business, campground ownership. The paper will show how various aspects of accounting can be "put to work  so the owner can better use the time to manage the campground itself. Cash flow statements, the balance sheet; income statements, along with ratios associated with each area will be highlighted. The paper will look at these accounting principals from the perspective of the office manager, accountant, banker, and the owner/operator.

Packing up the car for the one-hour drive along the coast of Lake Michigan to our favorite weekend destination, Hidden Valley Lake brings back fond memories. The excitement of spending the weekend leisurely swimming, hiking, fishing, and just playing

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