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"Computer Project Seeks to Avert Youth Violence 

Ever since the columbine high school shooting in Littleton, Colorado there has been hysteria of sorts. People are so worried about drugs and weapons in school. For this reason "the federal bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms is working with an outside threat evaluation company to put together a computer program to help school officials spot troubled students who might be on the brink of violence.  this is the basis to Francis X. Clines essay "computer project seeks to avert youth violence 

The computer program that had been being developed is called the "Mosaic-2000 . The program he states will rate potentially violent students on a 1-10 scale 1 being least violent and 10 being on the brink. Clines quotes the principal of Reynoldsburg high school as saying "columbine forever changed things for all of us,  this threat of violence at school is now a "very real  threat and parents want to see something done about it. But also parents don't want their children being labeled as clines quot

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