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Family Importance

             The family is a very important part of everyday life. Not only is it important for each person in the family to participate in family functions, but it is also important that the family participates in activities throughout the year. The more things that you do as a family, the more memories will reflect in later years. Families can provide encouragement during life. “The possibilities that exist between two people, or among a group of people, are a kind of alchemy. They are the most interesting things in life” (Rich 425). I believe that families help to create the future. They tend to push towards valued goals in life. Family members can share similarities; however, there are still differences. For example, a father might like to watch inside sports while his son likes outside sports.
             I grew up in New Paris, Indiana. The town is rather small, but there are a lot of people driving through it. Traffic is a lot worse on Saturday because of the New Paris Speedway. Since I live out by the racetrack, on Saturday nights I make plans to get out of the area for the evening. “Even pot-holed streets are lonely ones when you think you may not see (or here) them again for a very long time” (Macleod 373). On Saturdays, my family tries to stay away from the noisy speedway. After the season is over, the country is really too quiet to sleep. We do not miss all that traffic by our house. While the speedway is open, I find things to do like bowling, four wheeling, and visiting other people in different cities. Most of my family usually does not stay home on the weekends. Sometimes we do stuff together but mostly we find our own things to keep us entertained. My sisters and parents usually have their own hobbies or activities planned about a week in advance. Myself, I find things to do at the last possible second. I am usually open to anything.
             My family had to decide what to give up and what we had to have to live.