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Smoking Ban

            The new issue of no smoking in restaurants and bars is a very controversial topic that people feel is unfair and unconstitutional. People believe it is unconstitutional because it is against the constitution to tell people what they can and cannot do. I agree with this law because with cigarettes particularly, the most harm is done to the non-smoker, an innocent bystander. In bars or restaurants these bystanders are usually the employees. Employees that don’t smoke don’t have the choice to sit in the non-smoking section, they must work in the entire restaurant and subject themselves to “second-hand smoke” which is more harmful than actually smoking the cigarette.
             Many smokers have been outraged by this law, being inconvenienced by having to go outside of a restaurant or bar to fulfill their needs, but since this new law people have learned to cope with not smoking and it has helped some smokers to reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke or even to quit smoking cigarettes altogether. The city of Boston recently picked up this new law and also banned smoking in restaurants and bars. This law is becoming more and more popular with officials of cities and states and is absolutely correct. People should not be subjected to something as harmful as cigarette smoke.
             This law will probably become more and more popular around the nation with the nation’s new trend of health. After studies showed that Americans are for the most part overweight people are becoming health fanatics and will try anything to make their surroundings cleaner and healthier. People do not want to be harmed because of other people’s disgusting habits and now that they have a new law to defend themselves they will not revert to allowing smokers to ruin their environment nor will they put their health back in jeopardy, and rightfully so.
             I fully agree with this new law because it protects my health and is protecting the health of the people who do smoke by giving them a hard time about it.