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Mass Customization

             The ability of a company to deliver highly customized products and services to different customers around the globe is what defines mass customization. Delaying the task of differentiating a product for a specific customer until the latest possible point in the supply network is the proper and effective way to mass customize. Companies like Dell, HP, Toyota, and Hanes are good examples of corporations that need to mass customize in order to satisfy the needs of the customers. These companies must do the following to keep up with the trends of mass customizing: rethink and integrate the designs of their products, the process used to make and deliver those products, and the configuration of the entire network. By using this approach and method, companies can operate at maximum efficiency and meet the customer’s needs at a quick rate with a minimum amount of inventory. .
             Dell is an excellent example where mass customization works without their product or service costing too much. Dell makes home personal computers, laptops, and other computer software. Dell computers makes it product when it is needed. This is why they have fewer inventories or a large amount of surplus. Instead of making a huge product line they make their product when it is demanded. Also the service for Dell is one of the best in the business. I know from experience that Dell is very user friendly in that they want to make sure that the consumer is getting everything they can for the dollar amount. This keeps the customer happy and staying with the company. .
             Product based companies are not the only companies that have to use mass customization. Service organizations which are corporations or companies that sell a service rather than a product need to use mass customization as well. It can be just as hard or easy to mass customize a service. After all a service is something that can be sold even though it is not tangible.