The Rise Of Divorce (CAUSE AND EFFECT)

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Proven by recent studies, the marriage rate has fallen thirty percent and the divorce rate has increased forty percent. Of all marriages, divorce rates sit very close to fifty percent. In today's society, it seems almost normal to get a divorce, or to know of someone who is in the process of one. Divorce can be caused by the committing of adultery by one partner or both, rushing into marriage, two people simply growing apart, or ultimately, marriage not being taken seriously in the first place.

Affairs seem to be a regular happening today in the United States. One person, or even both partners in the marriage can be guilty of such a sin. The bible labels adultery as a considerable means for divorce but obviously does not suggest that either divorce or adultery should take place. Most commonly, opinions towards adultery are extremely negative prior to any sort of an encountering of it. People quickly jump to say, when asked their opinion on subject, that there is no reason for an affair to occur under any circumstances and that they would never allow it from their partner. In an actual situation, though, some might excuse an affair under specific conditions, some may forgive it and forget it, and very few others may actually g

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