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The Pressures of Being a Student

In today's world you can never depend or believe everything your parents say to you. You must become independent; because they will not help you when you will need them the most. That is where the pressures of being a student comes in to a play, because you have no help, you have obligations such as a full time job, and most of all you have to study.

When you are a student and you have no help you have a lot on your mind. You have a lot of responsibilities that you have to take upon yourself, and that is hard. Consequently, it also adds pressure in to your life, which drives you crazy sometimes. The ways for example, you as a student have no help is, your parents might not want to help you pay for school. Two, you might not be eligible for financial aid and three you have to pay for everything out of your pocket. These are pressures of being a student.

The second pressure of being a student is having a full time job and going to school at the same time. Having a full time job as a full time student is not easy. However it does show that you are a resolute student and will not stop at any thing, but to further improve your education. Consequently, you, the student, have a challenge of having to wake up early for work, having to wake up in the morning to go to class and having to catch the bus if, you do not have transportation such as a car. Those are the pressures of being a student.

Lastly, the final and most difficult pressure of being a student is, having to study. Studying is the most important aspect of being a student, and can be hard if you have never attempted to do so. Conversely, the pressure comes from when you are studying for an exam at the last minute, trying to stay awake to study and actually understand materials you have read, but not yet fully understanding it and finally not having a quite place to study.

In conclusion, the pressures of being a student overall

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