The Role Of Women In Politics

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By failing to address the gender bias that discounts the contributions of women, many development policies and programs intended to alleviate impoverishment actually are making the problem worse. There are developmental groups in both the private and public sphere that focus on the role of women, but the flaws inherent I current development practices cannot be fixed by relatively minor allocations of funds to women. Fundamental changes are needed in mainstream politics and approaches in order to better suit and account for women in today's private and public sectors.

Historically, women have played a relatively small role in politics. For more than half of the history of America, women were not even given the right to vote. However, women today are as active as men in most electoral activities and generally turn out in higher numbers to vote in elections (Junn, 390). This paper will analyze the involvement of women in politics and political positions, what issues are most important to women, and the voting patterns of women.

In 1920 the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed. This Amendment, giving women the right to vote, launched a reform in the American political

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