History And Development Of Electricity

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History and Development of Electricity

For hundreds of years, electricity has been a challenge to many scientists. They have known about its existence but found it difficult to explain what electricity actually is.

Exactly what electricity is, is unknown. It has no weight but can lift and move thousands of tons. It has no shape, still, it is everywhere. It produces light even though we can't see it. We do know, however, what electricity does and how to harness it. Electricity is a form of energy.

Electricity is a phenomenon that is a result of the existence of electrical charge ("What is Electricity?  pg.1).

Electricity is one of the most important forms of energy. Electricity produces light and heat, and it provides power for household appliances and industrial machinery. Electric power also enables us to have telephones, computers, motion pictures, television and radio (World Book).

To learn more about electricity, we must know more about the atom. Everything we know is made up of atoms. These atoms are so small that it takes millions of them to form a speck of dust. Elements of an atom are positive protons, negative electrons, and neutral neurons.

The negative charge of the electron is equa

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