After School Activities

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After-School: Parental Involvement in Low-Income Neighborhoods

This document is in support of after-school activities in low-income neighborhoods that benefit from parental participation. After school programs that have parental involvement; are more successful, as indicated through psychological research (and ethnographies) that convey the significance of parenting styles and practices ”especially in impoverished urban neighborhoods. It is in these seamlessly "impossible  settings, parents chosen rearing styles for children; determine the child's eventual outcome and role in society.

In western society, parenting styles differ from that of other cultures; however, it is the western society parenting styles in rough crime ridden neighborhoods whose parents face the toughest of obstacles. To assist in overcoming the tasks that low-income parenting presents, a child should participate in out-of-school activities that will be enriching in the child's development. In impoverished neighborhoods, it is more of a need for both parental involvement (strategies) utilizing after-school programming, in overcoming the (negative) impoverished environment a child lives in; probably intensifie

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