Kicking the Habit (process)

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Everyone has some type of bad habit. Everyone. Now granted, some have less than others and some bad habits are more destructive than others. Always remember there are two types of bad habits; those that are known, and others that are unknown. Regardless of the type, bad habits usually hinder and individual from living a happy and healthy long life. After time, some habits can become automatic and are carried out subconsciously. Seldom do people realize bad habits are being done until health, friends, and entire families have been affected. These stupid actions need to stop for the benefit and health of everyone and need to stop soon. There are three important steps to consider in eliminating bad habits. These are identifying, taking action while seeking support, and persistence.

First ask close friends and family members to be brutally honest. Getting the courage to ask may be difficult. Be gracious and do not be defensive once they have shared the opinions. These habits will be the known habits, the habits good friend and family members have noticed and are willing to discuss with you. Known habits are the toughest to discuss, because the affect your loved one, yet are still practiced.. So how does so

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