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The Constitution

            American rebels won their independences from Great Britain, which gave confidences to the division within the American society. Remained a long military conflict and turned to trouble the new republic. In response came the old tensions over racial, ethnic, sectional, and religious differences. New difficulties rise from independent nationhood, and the challenge of creating a new working republican government. Those who serve with the Continentals came to realize the true national institution meaning the Army. The military learned to set in mind the terms of loyalty to the cause of the nation, which their elected leaders did not. A decade after independence, the revolutionaries became less interested in building an American nation.
             Local loyalists to the state not the Union had the conviction that republics were not properly fit to large territories, which created the shape of the first state constitution. Important early test in creating republican government was the basic structure of the old colonial governments but altered significantly balanced the powers among the branches of government. The dominant force in the government was popular elected legislatures. They had the control of the weak executives and also the judiciary. The Revolutionaries abolished the British system of mixed government. Also from the practice and instead on written state constitutions, meaning in part a law superior to the government that will defined the full idea of popular liberty.
             Meanwhile American pays more attention to the state constitution and the national government receiving little attention, which took four years after 1777 for all the states to approve the Articles of Confederation. These documents provided for a government by a national legislature, and the continuation of the Second Continental Congress. They left the crucial power of the purse, well as all final power to make and execute laws and control over undistributed western lands, it was all up to the states to decide.